Collaboration between bicycle company and artisan stoneware ceramic manufacturer to be displayed at Warsaw’s Bike Expo on 6th and 7th of April

Embargo - Friday 5 April 2024, 09:00 CEST: Passion, tradition and quality - these three values unite two renowned companies: Canyon, a global bicycle manufacturer, and Manufaktura In Bolesławiec, one of the largest producers of traditional stoneware ceramics in Poland. Together they initiated a project that not only explores new possibilities in design, but also pays tribute to the tradition and craftsmanship of two different worlds.

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Tradition in a modern version

The Manufaktura In Bolesławiec is famous for its unique ceramics decorated with a traditional stamping method. Characteristic cobalt-coloured patterns are their hallmark, conveying the history, nature and tradition of this region. Together with Canyon, they decided to combine this tradition with a modern approach to bicycle design.

Canyon is one of the leaders in the production of bicycles on a global scale with a reputation for innovation and the highest design and quality standards, but at the same time, a deep passion for craftsmanship and artistic interpretations.

In 2024 Manufaktura In Bolesławiec and Canyon joined forces to create something completely new.

Cobalt Coloured Patterns on a Bicycle Frame

During their partnership project, the frameset of the Canyon Grail SLX bicycle became a canvas for the unique, hand-painted patterns in the style of the town of Bolesławiec’s stamps. Cobalt coloured dots, characteristic of Manufaktura In Bolesławiec’s ceramics, now decorate the bicycle frame, creating a unique combination of tradition and modernity. It's not just design, it's a story that speaks through patterns.

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This idea for this unique collaboration came from Mariusz Lickiewicz of United Colours of Cycling, a gravel events organiser and local heritage promoter. “This is my idea from two years ago, which had never been implemented before. I spread this idea to the guys from Canyon and it turned out that it could be done. After initial design the frame and fork were sent to Manufaktura In Bolesławiec, one of the largest producers of traditional ceramics. It was decorated almost exactly like their ceramic plates and cups.” Mariusz Lickiewicz, United Colours of Cycling.

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Canyon’s Paweł Steinke, Market Manager Poland: “Right after we heard this idea we decided to take part in this project. We strongly believe that collaborations between partners from different worlds can create something truly unique. Design is very important for us at Canyon and we are truly glad that our high-end bike is decorated by these world famous colours and patterns.”

Passion in Detail, Quality in Movement

The passion of Manufaktura craftsmen, transferred to the bicycle frame, makes this bike a unique work of art. The patterns are applied using the stamp method, maintaining authenticity and tradition.


However, it is not only the design that attracts attention. Canyon bikes are known for their exceptional quality and achievements in the world of cycling. The cooperation of both companies emphasizes that craftsmanship and passion, combined with a modern approach to technology and quality creates products that delight the eye.

“When Mariusz Lickiewicz came to Manufaktura with an idea, we thought it was pure madness but since Manufaktura loves such crazy ideas, we immediately agreed. A great opportunity to combine non-obvious components, a new challenge, a new experience. Meeting people with passion creates quality and fits into the activities of Manufaktura In Bolesławiec. Tradition and modernity are our direction and the "stamped" bicycle is unique piece of work done by our stoneware ceramics artists,” said Magdalena Gazur, Art Director, Manufaktura In Bolesławiec.

The method for painting carbon bike frames is different to pottery painting so Canyon asked DreamWorkers, well known Polish custom bike paint shop, for help in translating the traditional methods and design into a final bike.

Canyon x Boleslawiec paint and build

“Painting carbon bike like pottery and with traditional techniques was a big challenge for us. These materials are completely different and difficult to join in one project, but after fine-tuning the process the final result is astonishing. This is for sure one of the most interesting painting tasks in our portfolio,” said Mikołaj Poźniak, DreamWorkers.

Bridge Between Worlds

This project is not only about a common product, but also about building a bridge between two different worlds of craftsmanship. The factory in Bolesławiec, known for tradition and manual work, joins forces with a global bicycle manufacturer, where innovation and modernity are key. Together, they take tradition to a new level, demonstrating that craftsmanship can and should combine with modernity.

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This special bicycle becomes not only a means of transport or a sports tool, but also a carrier of history, craftsmanship and passion of two worlds that, combining forces, creates something truly unique. It's not just a bike, it's a work of art on wheels that appeals to the senses and the soul.

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To see this unique, one-off bike up close, visit Canyon’s booth at Warsaw Bike Expo on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th April.


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About Canyon

Canyon is one of the most innovative bike brands in the world. The concept began in founder Roman Arnold’s garage and grew to be the world’s largest direct-to-customer manufacturer of road bikes, mountain bikes, triathlon bikes, gravel bikes, hybrid bikes, and electric bikes.

Canyon have earned their glowing reputation for innovation through consistently using advanced materials, thinking, and technology. The iconic Canyon design is easy to identify. Alongside being boldly competitive and ever-expanding, they are committed to making the global cycling community accessible for every rider.

While Canyon partners with some of the finest athletes on the planet, their mission, ‘Inspire to Ride’, highlights how they work to promote the power of cycling to everyone.

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