With Canyon's new Pathlite:ON Superlight and Pathlite:ON SUV models, you’ll find two multipurpose e-bikes that are perfectly suited to the needs of many touring and leisure riders.

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Two bikes built for nature

The new Pathlite:ON Superlight is as versatile as it gets and is in its element off-road, but also comes with functional accessories for urban adventures. The compact yet punchy Bosch Performance Line SX motor helps keep this e-bike nice and light, so riders can strap it to their car racks more easily. And because of the MIK HD rear rack, it’s Canyon’s first bike with approved child seat compatibility.

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The renewed Pathlite:ON SUV acts a bit like the Pathlite:ON Superlight’s big brother. It’s equipped with Bosch’s most powerful Performance Line CX motor, an enormous 750 Wh of battery range to ride all day, and 85 Nm of torque for steep hills. Riders can roll right out of the door and into the fields, and still come home with battery capacity to do it again the next day.

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And with Bosch's ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) featured on the Pathlite:ON 8 and 9 SUV, riders get an ultra-safe solution for riding come rain or shine, even on unpaved paths.

Pathlite:ON Superlight - the detail

The Pathlite:ON Superlight has everything an adventurous rider needs, wrapped up in a lightweight package.

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Speed, terrain, and total weight (rider + bike + equipment) all influence the battery range, but you can ride up to 85 km with 400 Wh of battery capacity on a full charge. For more accuracy, check out Bosch’s handy eBike range calculator. For even longer days in the saddle, riders can mount Bosch's slimline 250 Wh PowerMore range-extending battery in the bottle cage holder. The extra 250 Wh of juice will power dawn-til-dusk adventures.

The Pathlite:ON 8 Superlight’s Magura MT Thirty hydraulic disc brakes boast an impressive bite. The Shimano MT200 brakes on the Pathlite:ON 4 and 6 Superlight provide reliable stopping power in any weather conditions.

If anyone’s riding in bad weather, effective lights are a must. The Pathlite:ON 4 Superlight comes equipped with a bright and efficient front light, and the Pathlite:ON 6 Superlight has the Supernova Mini 2 PRO which offers high beam modes to illuminate dark paths without dazzling oncoming riders and traffic.  

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Riders can attach bike baskets, bags, and child seats to the MIK HD rack on the Pathlite:ON 4 and 6 Superlight with a single click. The rack is also compatible with Ortlieb's QL3.1 mounting system (and most standard bike bags). You can even attach a Croozer trailer to bring along the kids and a dog.

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Pathlite:ON SUV - the detail

The Pathlite:ON SUV is about maximalism: the more, the better. It's equipped with Bosch's powerful Performance Line CX motor for handling steep inclines (and then some!), regardless of how loaded the rear racks are.

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Bosch ABS technology on the Pathlite:ON 8 and 9 SUV models provide an extra safety feature by preventing the front wheel skidding and the rear wheel lifting if there’s a sudden need to slam on the brakes. And for GPS tracking, configurable alarms, and the security of your bike, riders of both the Pathlite:ON SUV and Pathlite:ON SL can install the Bosch eBike Flow app on their phone. The SP Connect phone mount means you can navigate and charge your phone while you ride too.

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The Gates CDX Carbon Drive belt on the Pathlite:ON 7 and 9 SUV (pictured below) is a clean, quiet, and minimal-maintenance system with no chain to become slack. The Pathlite:ON 9 SUV even offers an Enviolo hub with automatic shifting. Simply set your preferred cadence and the bike changes gear for you.

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A handy dropper seat post on the Pathlite:ON 6, 7 (pictured below), 8 and 9 SUV is cleverly combined with 100 mm suspension fork from Suntour for freedom of movement on every off-road twist or descent. And integrated front lights, including the ultra bright M99 Mini Pro on the Pathlite:ON 9 SUV with its wide peripheral vision, illuminates dark paths in any environment. On the rear, a Supernova E3 Tail Light is visible to other road users in case riders end up staying out after the sun sets.

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And finally, the sturdy rear rack can hold an impressive 25 kg of weight. So there’s space to store a picnic, overnight supplies, camera gear or any other kit you're looking to haul.

Adventure unbound

Another benefit, common to both models, is the adjustability and the versatility. If you're the type of rider who prefers either a sporty position or an upright riding position, you can adjust the stem height up to 6 cm so you can dial in the comfort depending on the ride you're choosing.

So whichever model is preferred, the Pathlite:ON family is boundless, built to bring that very same feeling to its rider.

Overall these multi-purpose bikes expand the possibilities for adventure and they’re built to withstand the chop and change of mother nature. So if you want an active adventure, check out the new Pathlite:ON models on's electric touring bike pages from Thursday 29th February, 2024.


1. Price list

The Pathlite:ON Superlight comes in standard or mid-step versions.

  • Pathlite:ON 4 Superlight, € 2699
  • Pathlite:ON 6 Superlight, € 2999
  • Pathlite:ON 8 Superlight LTD, € 3699

The Pathlite:ON SUV comes in standard or step-through versions.

  • Pathlite:ON 4 SUV, € 2999
  • Pathlite:ON 5 SUV, € 3399
  • Pathlite:ON 6 SUV, € 3799
  • Pathlite:ON 7 SUV, € 4399
  • Pathlite:ON 8 SUV, € 4999
  • Pathlite:ON 9 SUV, € 5999

2. Additional images

Additional studio and action shots for the Pathlite:ON SUV can be found here. And extra Pathlite:ON SL content can be found here.

3. Press kit

The Pathlite:ON SL press kit can be found here.

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