Unlock Your Greatness is a fascinating four-part documentary from Canyon and the PTO (Professional Triathletes Organisation), going behind the scenes with the established superstars of the sport and the next crop of up-and-coming protagonists to look at topics ranging from their initial footsteps in the sport, to mindsets, limitations, mental health, and what it takes to truly believe in your abilities.

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Over four 6-8 minute short films Canyon athletes Jan Frodeno, Chelsea Sodaro, Daniel Baekkegard, Kyle Smith, Lionel Sanders, Kat Matthews and Mika Noodt plus age-group athlete Choo Ling Er shed light on the psychological secrets of their success, in the process revealing how to be an inspiring high performance athlete.

Each video focuses on a different theme with different athletes.

Episode 1: Beginnings

In episode 1 Mika Noodt and Jan Frodeno get together over a healthy breakfast grill to talk about their beginnings. With Jan at the end of a long and successful career and on the brink of a new beginning, and Mika just starting on the same path that as his hero, both athletes take a look at their early successes, their set-backs and what keeps them inspired.

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Episode 2: Mind

Daniel Baekkegard and Kyle Smith feature in episode 2, filmed in Ibiza. Over a nerve-wracking game of Jenga, the pair talk about the power of the mind and building mental strength in the face of extreme training regimes, competitive challenges and a fear of the unknown, all the while wondering who’s going to topple the tower.

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Episode 3: Limits

Lionel Sanders and Kat Matthews partner up for a baseball session in episode 3, filmed in Milwauke, USA as they explore their own limits whilst learning a new skill. The concept of limitations can be such a huge barrier in triathlon but Kat and Lionel talk about overcoming them through the joyful obsession of training and racing.

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Episode 4: Empowerment

Finally, in episode 4 over a Kintsugi workshop in Singapore, former triathlon World Champion Chelsea Sodaro and age-group athlete Choo Ling Er learn about the Japanese art of repairing crockery whilst speaking about empowerment. Becoming stronger and being more in control is a process that all athletes go through with experience and, as parents, Sodaro and Ling have an interesting perspective on that. Much like Kintsugi, they learn that you can’t control things that happen in life, but the power to put them together is within your control.

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The partnership between Canyon and the PTO has been in place since 2022. Their shared ambition is to excite, engage and grow triathlon’s fan base around the world - both for professional athletes and age groupers - through a combination of high quality content and the provision of support and educational initiatives at and around PTO Tour events. Canyon’s Simon Summerscales, VP of Brand & Marketing, explains the motives behind the video:

“As both human beings and as athletes, to unlock our potential we need to know what motivates us and what restricts us. By exploring our fears, our vulnerabilities and our passion, we can learn how to harness these factors and turn them towards our goals. We created these four videos to show that even the world’s best athletes have a human side, hopefully helping to bring the sport of triathlon to an even broader audience.”

Each of the videos will be available to watch on Canyon's Youtube channel from 17:00 on Friday 10th November.


For the media we can offer a sneak preview here:

•          Ep 1 - Beginnings ft. Jan Frodeno and Mika Noodt:

•          Ep 2 - Mind ft. Daniel Baekkegard and Kyle Smith:

•          Ep 3 - Limits ft. Kat Matthews and Lionel Saunders:

•          Ep 4 - Empowerment ft Chelsea Sodero and Choo Ling Er:

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