Fastest Canyon bike ever, developed in collaboration with Swiss Side

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Koblenz, Germany, embargo until 3 August 2023, 11:00 CEST – After two years of intensive development, with 442 supercomputer runs, 312 wind tunnel analyses, and 155 hours of track testing with the world's finest track cyclists, Canyon are proud to announce the Speedmax CFR Track. The result of an unparalleled collaboration between world-class engineers and the fastest professionals in the sport, and the fastest bike the German marque has ever produced.

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Canyon’s fastest ever bike 

When every second counts, every watt counts. And when every watt counts, the world’s best athletes rely on the Canyon Speedmax. Renowned for its triumphant success in triathlons, claiming five Triathlon World Championship titles, the Speedmax has solidified its place as one of the most decorated bikes on the planet. But the Speedmax CFR Track is far from a mere rebadged triathlon bike – every inch has been meticulously sculpted and perfected for the velodrome. 

With the Canyon Speedmax CFR Track, we knew we had an opportunity to create something truly exceptional. Proven at the highest echelons of triathlon, the Speedmax served as the perfect foundation, but we went back to the drawing board and collaborated extensively with our aerodynamics partners, Swiss Side, to ensure every aspect of this bike was sculpted for supreme aero efficiency at the exceptionally high speeds and unique conditions of the velodrome.  Daniel Heyder, Team Manager Product Management Road at Canyon.

The result is a masterpiece of engineering and aerodynamics. Every tube profile and every junction of the Speedmax CFR Track has been fine-tuned to slice through the air with unparalleled efficiency, giving track cyclists the ultimate advantage in their pursuit of speed and victory. 

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Pro-driven development 

In a discipline like track cycling, where bike design has widely matured to a level bordering on perfection, there comes a time when striving for the next level of excellence demands a complete re-imagining of the rules. 

So where traditional wisdom dictates that the design process starts with the engineering team, with the Speedmax CFR Track, pro riders drove development from day one. The process started at the sport’s pinnacle – 8-time World Championship gold medallist Chloe Dygert – whose input shaped the initial design. Prototypes were then tested and evaluated by the Danish national track cycling team, whose long months of feedback directly fed back into the bike’s meticulous evolution. 

The velodrome demands perfection, and our collaboration with professional track cyclists was crucial to achieving that. And with the Speedmax CFR Track, we started directly with the best around. We asked them: what kind of bike do you need to win races? And their expertise and feedback helped shape the Speedmax CFR Track into the exceptional machine it is today explains Lukas Schuchnigg, Development Lead, Speedmax CFR Track. 
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All disciplines covered 

At the highest level, athletes are perfectly dialled into their bikes – but the demands of different track cycling disciplines require specific setups. Thanks to its unparalleled versatility, the Canyon Speedmax CFR Track is ready to compete at the pinnacle of any track cycling discipline, eliminating the need for laborious bike swaps. In its standard configuration, the bike is optimised for solo events, boasting Canyon's own outstanding disc wheelset, designed in collaboration with Swiss Side for unparalleled aerodynamics and boasting the huge stiffness levels required to deal with the incredible forces generated on the velodrome.

The bike’s unique cockpit, the product of intense collaboration with Canyon’s network of pro test riders, puts the rider in a super-aero, fully dialled riding position for telepathically accurate handling and next level efficiency. And for racing in tight bunches and mass-start events, riders can simply swap in the Bunch Handlebar Kit, offering optimum control with a standard handlebar, and the lightning-fast aftermarket spoked front wheel for a leading edge in the pack.  

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The finest components 

In the relentless pursuit of speed, the Canyon Speedmax CFR Track also comes equipped with the best-of-the-best components available today. A premium SRM Origin Track power meter features spider-integrated sensors for accurate wattage readings with no recalibration required. The Kappstein Pro Line Elite chainring's sensational stiffness maximises power transfer to save milliseconds on the track. Continental Grand Prix 5000 TT TR tyres combine minimal rolling resistance with maximum lightness and exceptional grip. Completing the package is Canyon’s own fully adjustable carbon Pro Extension cockpit system, which combines incredible aerodynamics, comfort, and control into a world-class package. 

Available 3 August 

The Speedmax CFR Track is Canyon's fastest-ever bike, boasting cutting-edge components and unrivalled adaptability for track cyclists seeking the pinnacle of performance. It will be raced by Team USA and Team Denmark at the upcoming Track World Championships in Glasgow, Scotland, this August.

The bike is available on 3 August, exclusively at 


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