EMBARGOED UNTIL MAY 9, 2023, 11 AM (CEST) — Since it was first ridden to victory by Fabien Barel in the 2013 Enduro World Series, the Canyon Strive has had racing in its DNA. A decade later, competition has ramped up in the new UCI E-Enduro World Cup Series, and it was only a matter of time before Canyon made a statement. Meet the new Strive:ON. Cut from the same carbon as its award-winning naturally aspirated sibling, the Strive:ON is a thoroughbred race e-MTB that brings power and precision to the climbs along with all-out speed and handling on the descents.

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Often featuring up to four hours of riding and over 3,000 metres of climbing, E-Enduro races are notoriously difficult. Factor in the infamous technical uphill ‘Power Stages’ and it takes a special bike to race for the win. To meet these unique demands Canyon’s designers and engineers built the Strive:ON from the ground up, taking all the best parts of the non-electric Strive and adapting them to the rigors of e-MTB racing. Every model in the line-up is designed around a bombproof CFR carbon frame that is both lightweight, durable and features an updated geometry with mullet wheels to strike the perfect mix of high-speed stability and tight trail agility.

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Beyond the progressive geo, dialled 160mm rear suspension, and race-ready carbon chassis, Canyon shaped the Strive:ON around the Bosch Performance Line CX and CX Race motors. The systems deliver 600 watts of peak power, rapid motor response and sustained torque delivery to clear even the most technical trail sections. The motor is powered by large 625 or 750 Wh Bosch Powertube batteries to let riders choose between lower weight or longer range depending on the day. With the motor unit and chainring protected by a moto-inspired skid plate mounted directly to the motor, this bike is made to keep racing through the toughest terrain.


Choosing to forego the Strive’s trademark Shapeshifter technology and the Strive:ON switches to the horizontal shock design used on the rest of the brand’s e-MTB range. The new design opens space for an in-frame water bottle mount, top tube storage while accommodating the motor unit and ensures both the 625 and 750 Wh batteries are available on every size from small to extra-large.

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The flagship Strive:ON CFR LTD sets the bar for the whole range and features a custom colourway courtesy of the DH legend Fabien Barel. Aside from a top-of-the-line spec, the LTD also comes with the special Bosch Performance Line CX Race motor. The limited release is 150g lighter while keeping the same size and profile as the standard Performance Line CX unit. It ramps up the pedal assist from 340% to 400% and adds a Race Mode to deliver power faster and stronger with an extended overrun.

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While Canyon designed the Strive:ON to be raced at the highest levels, any rider seeking a fast and aggressive e-MTB outfitted with the best motor and components is going to have an absolute blast out on the trail. The complete range is made up of 3 models, all using the same race engineered CFR chassis: the Strive:ON CFR Underdog, the Strive:ON CFR and the Strive:ON CFR LTD.

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The complete Strive:ON CFR range will be available to order on Tuesday May 9, 2023 at


1. Press kit: For the Strive:ON press kit, FAQs and additional images, visit this link.

2. Pricing

  • With 750 Wh batteries: The Strive:ON Underdog is available at € 5,999, the Strive:ON CFR is € 7,199 and the Strive:ON CFR LTD is € 9,699.
  • With 625 Wh batteries: The Strive:ON Underdog is available at € 5,799, the Strive:ON CFR is € 6,999 and the Strive:ON CFR LTD is € 9,499.

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While Canyon partners with some of the finest athletes on the planet, their mission, ‘Inspire to Ride’, highlights how they work to promote the power of cycling to everyone.

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