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EMBARGOED UNTIL TUESDAY 7 MARCH (11:00 AM CET) – Unlimited ease, endless possibilities, and the joy of uninhibited movement. Canyon’s launch of the Precede:ON brought this sentiment to solid ground. Waves and nods, weaves and glides… total travel autonomy became available for riders in any city thanks to do-it-all functionality, punchy Bosch power, and elegant design.  

And Canyon made that even more accessible with the launch of the affordable aluminium Precede:ON AL. The real value lies in the everyday versatility. The spark of joy catching the sunrise on the morning commute comes for free.    


The Precede:ON’s feature-rich design is pure panache. Durable integrated mudguards prevent splashback from the streets, so you arrive looking just as good as when you left the house. There’s enough room for your gear, the picnic, and some bubbles on the back of the rear rack: it can fit either Canyon baskets or Ortlieb panniers and can hold up to 25 kg of supplies. The Gates carbon belt drive, available on all CF models and selected AL models, is a cinch to maintain. Super bright integrated Supernova lights on the front and rear never leave you in the dark. And powerful Bosch motors and big-time battery capacity make schlepping up hills a thing of the past.   

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The ultimate catalyst for car-free living? A resounding yes. How? It’s equipped for whatever, whenever, and wherever you want to go in the city. Everyday errands like powering to work in the morning, picking up the kids from school, or last-minute grocery trips become a breeze – and the extra carrot is that now, these errands will keep you full of vitality. Similarly, you should be able to do all of this without theft weighing on your mind. By linking the Precede:ON’s handlebar-integrated display with the Bosch eBike Flow app, you get free additional anti-theft protection for that ‘just in case’ feeling. Just connect the bike with the app and then enable the eBike Lock. Your smartphone then acts as the digital key to the bike. Recognition takes place automatically via Bluetooth, so your smartphone can stay in your pocket – you’ll know when it’s worked thanks to short jingly tones and lights. 


The Precede:ON is available in both carbon (CF) and aluminium (AL) frames at With the Precede:ON AL, you have the choice of two frame designs: either go for a bold, dynamic step-over, or an easier mount and dismount step-through. Whatever works around your lifestyle. 

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The Precede:ON AL range starts at €2,499* for the Precede:ON AL 5 (size XS-M)/€2,699* (size L-XL) and goes up to the flagship AL 7 at €3,499* (size XS-M)/€3,699* (size L-XL).  

And there are two models in the Precede:ON CF range, starting at €4,299* for the Precede:ON CF 8 ST (Step Through) and €4,999* for the Precede:ON CF 9 (ST). The Precede:ON family has batteries ranging from 500 Wh to 625 Wh. 

About Canyon

Canyon is one of the most innovative bike brands in the world. The concept began in founder Roman Arnold’s garage and grew to be the world’s largest direct-to-customer manufacturer of road bikes, mountain bikes, triathlon bikes, gravel bikes, hybrid bikes, and electric bikes.

Canyon have earned their glowing reputation for innovation through consistently using advanced materials, thinking, and technology. The iconic Canyon design is easy to identify. Alongside being boldly competitive and ever-expanding, they are committed to making the global cycling community accessible for every rider.

While Canyon partners with some of the finest athletes on the planet, their mission, ‘Inspire to Ride’, highlights how they work to promote the power of cycling to everyone.

Canyon products are exclusively available online at

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